The Tour de France begins in Yorkshire this year, but its effects are being felt all along the routes of the UK stages. Here are a couple of typically English ideas that have come to light.

St Mary’s Church in Guilden Morden, Cambridgeshire is having its bells replaced with a a recording of children’s bicycle bells to mark the Tour’s arrival. A local composer has persuaded the local rector and made the recording with the children from the local primary school.

Every member of the 70 strong school brought their bike into class so the sounds could be recorded and for one weekend only the sounds will be played out from the church tower using high-powered speakers. The children’s voices were also recorded and used in the church over the weekend . Vistors to the church would be able to pedal a static bike then press buttons to hear the voices to create a ‘playful audio installation’. However can we do something even more ‘English’? Yes is the simple answer.

A man who by his own admission ‘can’t knit a stitch’ has come up with a plan to deck out the streets of Cambridge with knitted bunting for the Tour’s journey through the city on July 7th, is it me or is there something special in the water around this area?

He has recruited hundreds of others to knit miniature jerseys. The jerseys are currently being threaded together but then they are to be handed over to the city council who have agreed to hang them along the route. A similar idea is also being used in Harrogate and they have come to an agreement to use the same pattern. Looks like there could a shortage of wool ahead. Pub knitting groups have been formed, the Women’s Institute and local businesses have all got involved and the local wool shops have even held classes to help out prospective knitters.

It is hoped that there will be 2,000 mini jerseys adorning the streets, although the organizers admit that while they did say that people should stick to the official colours seen in the race, that a few odd designs had been submitted, and these will still be used, sneaking in amongst the others.

It should make quite a sight to behold, so if you are in the area go and support the race it always makes a great day out, whether you are kitted out in your latest cycling clothing or a jersey.