The UK offers great sightseeing areas, which are widely known and explored. Around 68% of adults visit these places in the summer. These individuals go for a walking holiday. Walking is known to be a popular activity for the people in the UK. There are thousands of people travelling to the countryside every year to explore such mesmerising sights and scenic surroundings by walking.


Walking is also known to be a great exercise or a physical activity which helps you in improving your mental and physical health. Adults in the UK are seen to be walking every day for at least ten minutes to get their steps in.

There are places such as seascapes of North Norfolk and the landscapes of the Peak District, which are famous for their beautiful skies and pleasant weather.

Here is a list of places that you can visit, if you are on holiday walking during the summers in the UK:

The Tweed and the Scottish Borders

If you love holiday walking and exploring new places, this is it! The Tweed and the Scottish Borders are a wonderful place to visit during the summers. The historical ruins and the stunning villages are a sight one shouldn’t miss.

The waters of the Tweed flow through the Scottish borders, while travelling through the valley. You would be able to see sheep-grazed pasture and the low, rolling hills. The surroundings are known to be mesmerising and a natural beauty to look at. This place was once home to the battlegrounds. If you are interested in the history of England, Scotland, and the battles which were fought, you can visit this place and explore the wonderful Scottish borders.

You can go solo or with a travelling partner to this place. There are hotels readily available in each town, where you can experience a pleasant stay.

The Seascape of North Norfolk

You can opt for a hotel-to-hotel walking holiday to experience this beautiful scenery. The Seascape of North Norfolk has sandy beaches, coastlines, and the nature reserves with a wonderful view.

From bitterns and marsh harriers, to wildfowl and waders, this place has it all. If you love birds and are interested in bird watching, you can bring your binoculars along and view some of the most exotic birds and wildlife animals.

Norfolk is a place packed with history. While you are enjoying your walking holiday, you will be able to explore churches, small harbours that contributed to England’s past trading efforts and royal estates. There are also beautiful villages, peaceful woodland, and nature reserves which you should not miss.


The Northumberland Coast and Its Castles

This walking holiday is a mix of wonderful accommodation all throughout the walk. Once known to be the powerhouse of England, this place hosted saints, kings and Viking raiders, who played central roles in shaping the future of the country. A great place to delve into the history and the historical ruins. This place should be at the top of your walking holiday list.

You can spot beautiful wildlife and surroundings along the journey. Explore the medieval Alnwick and the beachfront at Beadnell. This place will make you relaxed and calm. There are various accommodations along the way, which offer you a warm welcome, making your experience fruitful.

UK’s Perfect Getaways

Are you planning for a walking holiday during the summers in the UK? If you are a history buff or a rambling enthusiast, try and explore the aforementioned places for a wonderful experience. The UK has these perfect getaways, which can be explored solo or with your friends and family.