I am pretty sure that most of you have been planning to include running in your daily schedule for a long time and failed at it. Probably by now, it has become an unachievable task for you. Don’t give up yet, you have found the perfect running guide.

I have been running for the past 5 years as a daily routine. I have also participated in many marathons and other race events. In this blog, I’ve compiled the top few tips that can help a beginner to start running and continue with it.

Common Benefits of Running

Running for many years is known to benefit both your mental and physical health. It helps you lose weight, strengthen your bones and joints, keeps your heart healthy, tones your leg muscles, etc. Besides these physical health benefits, running is a popular stress buster, helps you fight depression and other mental illness, and induces the release of Endorphins and Serotonin – the “feel-good” hormones.

Here are a few running tips for beginners.

 Find a Place, Find Motivation

 It is said that if you do something regularly for 21 days, it becomes a habit. As expected, the beginning phase is going to be tough, to get through this you must stay motivated.

Find a local place that you know rather than travelling too far as this will help you integrate it into your daily routine. Focus on time interval rather than miles if you are just starting, for instance, make a goal of running for 10 minutes rather than covering 1 mile.

 Choose the Right Method

 To ensure maximum effectiveness, make sure to follow the right running method. If you are not a regular runner, don’t start running fast. It takes time for your body to adjust to any new exercise.

Start with walking fast and build it up to a jog for the first few sessions. Once it starts to get easier you’ll be ready to build up a run. The key thing to remember is to maintain a steady pace throughout and break your time into walking and running.

Make Sure You Have the Right Kit

 Do your research and make sure you have the right kit. I advise you invest in a quality pair of  running shoes, and clothing with breathable, wicking and quick drying properties. The right running shoes will ensure that your feet are protected and help with comfort and stability during your run.




 Look After Your Body

 A well-rested body can perform better than a fatigued one. Take care of your body – eat well and rest properly to ensure that your body is ready for the run ahead.