Raise your hand if you love trekking or have a keen interest in learning about this trendy outdoor activity. Well, those who have already tried it must understand the fact that trekking requires three things – power, great vigour, and endurance.

Of course, one can indulge in regular practice and intense workout, and prepare their body for the same. But there’s another thing that helps in providing stability, traction, and balance while you’re on the trek i.e., the trekking poles.

Yes, these strong poles are an important piece of equipment you need to add to your trekking essentials. The poles can reduce joint pain, distribute the body balance perfectly, boost confidence, and also help improve posture. So, if you want to learn more about the advantages of using a trekking pole, here we have the list of those reasons.

Reduce Joint Pain

Starting with the prime benefits of using trekking poles is that they promote shock absorption with every step you take since you don’t always get a smooth path while trekking. Try using trekking poles and you’ll hardly face any issue or pain in your knees while walking a steep downhill passage. The pole can draw away the pressure off of your knees and ensures a relaxing walk.

Help Maintain Balance

So, you’ve prepared your body well for the challenges, huh? But how about having a set of extra limbs that can provide stability and help you tackle those tricky and rough paths? Yes, the trekking poles can be your extra support and help you balance while walking on the rough paths or along the narrow ridgelines, while crossing a fast-moving water body or passing through the ice patches or snowfields. You might not know this but the poles can even help you walk comfortably during high winds.

Help Maintain a Good Pace

Keep one step forward using the pole and go with this rhythm throughout your hike or trek. The trekking poles can be a great help in maintaining a smooth and good pace, especially if you’re going for a longer walk. Once you start walking with the pole, you’ll notice that you’re walking a little faster and that too keeping up with the body balance.

Offer Great Fitness Benefits

Not just the stability and balance, but walking with the help of trekking poles can help you burn 20% more calories as well. It also involves the engagement of all the muscles, no matter what type of terrain you’re walking on. Almost every muscle pushes a little harder for a comfortable walk, be it your leg muscles,  arms, or core. Also, the poles do not put much pressure on your ankles, hips, or back while hiking.

Build a Shelter in Emergency

You cannot predict everything while hiking or trekking, what if you need to do a night stay at an unexpected place? The trekking poles can be used to make a strong shelter. You can use a trash bag or your bivy bag to create a safe shelter for yourself. In fact, there are many poles available on the market that can be used as tent poles, thus reducing the weight of carrying extra items.

Apart from some of these uses, trekking poles can be used for laundry where you can just hang your sweaty clothing inside out and let them dry. The pole can be of great help in poking at things in the wilderness for safety measures.