Before heading outdoors, compiling a list of everything you may need is a great idea to ensure that you’re fully prepared. Here are eight of the essentials that should be on your list!

MBT-OutdoorEssentials1. Don’t Forget Your Smartphone

Something which most of us carry at all times is a smartphone. Whether we need to get in touch with someone or use it to navigate us back onto the correct path, it really is an invaluable item to keep with us. Small and lightweight, it’s easy to carry around – but don’t forget that signal and battery life aren’t permanent!

2. Make Sure You Pack A Map

Unless you know the area that you’re at like the back of your hand, it’s always nice to have the peace of mind that carrying a map can bring. Signal can be intermittent and shouldn’t be relied on, so having a back-up, physical item could definitely be useful.

3. Bring A Back-Up Option

Your smartphone has the ability to act as a low light torch, but what happens if you need it at night and your battery is flat? Bringing a torch with you is advised – as is pen and paper, just in case you need to write a physical note (you never know!).

4. Multi-Use Tools Reduce Space

Pocket knives are very popular with outdoor enthusiasts; with good reason. As an item that you can use to aid you in multiple ways – such as cutting food – it really is a great option to carry. Multi-tool knives can provide you with even more great features, with various multi-use items such as screwdrivers attached.

5. Keep Everything Together With A Keychain

An easy way of keeping plenty of your items together, bringing a keychain can allow you to keep your keys as well any tools or torches in the same place, meaning less time searching and more time adventuring!

6. Handkerchiefs Have Many Uses

Bringing tissues or a handkerchief is always advisable, whether it’s for blowing your nose, cleaning your glasses or for wiping any spillages.

7. Water Is Important

Water is always something that we should carry with us, so filling up and carrying a water bottle should be a main priority – carrying some money to buy more when needed should be done too.

8. Campfires Provide Light & Warmth

When you’re enjoying a camping trip, carrying a lighter or matches to start a campfire can help to provide both light and warmth – particularly valuable during those dark, chilly winter nights!

Everyone’s list can differ, and that can depend on the activity, location, time of year or just personal preference. Let us know what you’d add to the list and we will do just that!

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