Whether you’re new to mountain biking or you’re an intermediate rider, here are some top tips to help you to get even better!

1. You don’t have to ride up a mountain to train – there may not be any located nearby or it might just not sound appealing after a full day at work. Indoor gyms provide us with spinning bikes, which gives you the opportunity to stay away from the rain or any tricky routes, and focus solely on improving your leg muscles.

2. Sometimes you won’t perform as well as you think you should or can, and this may not necessarily be because of yourself or any external factors. Mountain biking is tough, and you’ll need your body to be in the right shape to perform at your best. Make sure to bring snacks that’ll provide you with the energy you need to power through.

3. As well as making sure that you have had the right amount of food, you’ll also need to be fully hydrated. As with any high intensity activity, making sure that your body is receiving the right amount of water is crucial – especially in warm temperatures.


4. Practice makes perfect. You will make mistakes, but that’s just a part of learning. Experiment with your gears and on different terrain until you find the correct techniques that suit you best.

5. Pushing and comparing yourselves with people who are better than you can leave you as one of two things – disheartened or determined. Ensure that it is the latter. Trying to keep up with or even just by observing, better riders helps you to really challenge yourself to keep up with them as well as take tips from their techniques. It may take a little while, but keep at it and you will eventually reach their level too.

6. As well as riding with better riders, make sure that you also ride with your friends or any social groups that you can get involved with. Encourage your friends to try it out too, having a partner to bike with will hopefully keep you motivated.

7. Train hard, train often. Make sure that you dedicate a lot of time to cardio training too, as endurance is a key part of becoming an effective mountain biker.

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