Sleeping bags are simple enough to use, but do you know everything that you need to? Here are five things that you might not know about them!

  • One thing that can really come in handy is the ability to zip two different sleeping bags together – as long as they are left-zipped and right-zipped. This is a great way of retaining and sharing body heat with somebody else, as long as you’re both willing to share with another person!
  • Sleeping bags often contain a comfort rating which informs the user of the minimum temperature that you are advised to use the sleeping bag in. As with everything, the temperature that an individual person can stay comfortable in differs, so this rating cannot be fully trusted. If a sleeping bag recommends a minimum temperature of forty degrees Fahrenheit, then as a general rule always add ten which gives you a much better chance of remaining warm and comfy.


  • Sleeping bags are designed differently depending on whether it is being created for a man or woman. A precision fit will keep the wearer more comfortable, hence why ladies sleeping bags generally are narrower and wider in the shoulders and hips respectively. They are designed this way as a more precise fit means that there is less room for excess airflow. Men’s sleeping bags also generally tend to be less insulated than the female counterpart due to men producing more body heat.
  • When you’re not using your sleeping bag it is always best to store it in its storage sack as opposed to its stuff sack. If your sleeping bag remains tightly concealed inside a stuff sack for a long period of time, it is likely that it will be damaged.
  • It is a common thought that the more layers you wear, the warmer you are likely to remain. Unfortunately, when you’re using a sleeping bag, too much layering can actually have the opposite effect. If you fill too much of your sleeping bag, that will limit the bag’s ability to fill – eventually meaning that you will need those layers. Instead, wear a baselayer set comprised of a top and bottoms along with a hat and socks.

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