Are you overweight? Now that’s a good question and the reason I ask it is because it’s now been confirmed that Britain is the fattest country in Europe. Yes once again we are at the bottom of the European heap. There’s been a lot of talk about us leaving Europe lately, though no one has mentioned the fact that that’s because we are now all so fat we will be leaving Europe by sinking slowly under the North Sea as the weight of all us Brits reshapes our landscape.

So what’s the reason for it and what do we do about it? Well as to the reason that to my mind is fairly obvious, we eat too much relative to the amount of activity that we undertake. This obesity thing is essentially very easy to understand. If you take in more calories than you use up you put on weight. No mysteries, no complex equations it really is that simple. So in order to lose weight you’ve got two choices either –

1/ Take in less calories – That’s either eat less food or at least eat less sugary and fatty foods.


2/ Use up more calories – That’s increase your level of physical activity.

Not difficult is it? If you really want to ace this weight loss thing do both at the same time. So how hard is it, how much help do you actually need to do this? Well I can assure you that technically it’s very easy. In terms of exercise actually all you need to do is get off the couch, or out of the car and walk. That’s it, just try and walk 30 minutes a day to start. Honestly, that really is it nothing else required to increase your calorie output.

We’ve got just the thing to help a nice pair of walking trousers. They are  trousers for walking in and once you’ve got them you’ve got no excuse not to use them. Just try walking you’ll be amazed how quickly you can lose weight and prolong your life.