I always thought that having a kid would end my travelling spree. It would not just be a halt, but it would come to a permanent stop in my life.

Although my two-year-old Ethan has done plenty of indoor swimming, I had never ever considered taking him to outdoor swimming.. But then, I thought that one day it has to be done and so why not today. And it directly lead me to try wild swimming on a warm Thursday evening.

Go through the following steps before you take your little one for the trip:

  • Start Slowly: I took Ethan to the river and made him wear all safety clothes and then started sporting his swim jacket for reassurance and then we waded out into the river to test his comfort levels. He waved at a few swans, cheered up when dipped his toes in water, splashed me with some water and then he finally asked to go back to the jetty.
  • Ensure that they are having fun: I was worried that Ethan wouldn’t like water. But I was all wrong. He was all comfortable in water. We got on the boat and started our venture. We had a ball that we threw at every passing dog and also stopped for snacks and drinks every 20 minutes. We were lucky enough to have weather in our favour.
  • Safety Measures: Find a spot which is safe for your kid. It has to be taken care that the place which you choose for swimming is properly wired and well equipped with all kinds of safety measures. Do not forget to take your swimming towel and some toys on your boat.
  • Tips: Test the water temperature before getting in, choose the body of water with safe entry and exit points. Also, check the riverbed to see if it is safe to stand on.