If you are a traveller, then you must know that travelling can change your body a lot in either positive or negative way. You may eat anything from local street food to dishes in a high-end restaurant. Booze can be cheaper for you than water. But, all this can take a toll on your body if you are a long-time traveller. For this, it is important that you maintain a healthy schedule to stay fit and active.

Here are some tips for you to enjoy your travelling and ensure you are fit and healthy:

Get Proper Sleep

Travelling too much can compromise your sleep, which eventually leads to tiredness. Also, a study has said that sleep deprivation makes you more prone to sickness. Hence, no matter what, try to make a sleep schedule for yourself. Make sure that you maintain the sleeping schedule as much as possible. Try minimising caffeine consumption at night or avoid looking at your mobile screen. Travelling can be harsh on your body so you need to get a proper amount of sleep and rest.

Follow a Balanced Diet

There is always a tendency to divert from your regular eating schedule while you are travelling. You would want to try the local food and delicacies without thinking about the calories. Indulge in food that will give you proper nutrition. You must look out for fresh fruits and vegetables while on the go for quick snacking. Avoid too much booze. Staying healthy and fit is very important to enjoy your travelling as much as you want. Drink a lot of water and stay hydrated. Try not skip your breakfast and go straight to lunch.

Walk Everywhere

Walking is not only the best exercise, but also a great way to explore the city in a better way.  Take out time for yourself to walk in the morning. Wake up early and take a walk in the neighbourhood. Explore the city on foot as much as your body permits. This will keep your metabolism going. But while walking, stay safe from the sun to prevent sunstroke and exhaustion.

Keep Exercising

Make an exercise routine according to your travel plan. Yoga is a great option to feel fresh and rejuvenated. You can always take out some time in the morning for yoga or a little bit of stretching. Travelling should not mean that you skip your exercise routine. Include the exercises in your daily routine like swimming and doing yoga on the beach.

Stay Clean

The last and the most important thing is to carry wet napkins and hand sanitiser. When you are travelling, there might be chances that you don’t get soap or water to wash your hands. You will be travelling the whole day, meeting people visiting places, and in this scenario eating with dirty hands is the last thing that you should do. Keep your hands clean to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria, especially before and after meals.