18The days get shorter and chillier and everything seems deserted outside. You crave for junk food and feel too lazy to work out. Yes, winters are here and we understand your pain. We have listed some of the most effective ways to conquer the winter blues.

1. Get Some Plants

It may sound silly, but it totally works. When the house feels dead, it's always a good idea to add some life to the home. Adding green plants to your space can help uplift your mood and get some oxygen inside. Buy a cute wooden window box that has holes in the bottom for drainage and some herbs of your choice to plant in. You may opt for chives, rosemary, lavender, mint, etc. that smell lovely and can be used in cooking as well.

2. Train Indoors

If it is too cold outside to work out, you can train hard inside. We all want to shed those extra kilos badly and achieve a perfect summer body. Give the colder months a whole new purpose by trying an activity that you will enjoy, while getting toned up. Join yoga for flexibility and strength, so you can tackle long hours of skiing or hiking on the slopes. Swim in the pool to get yourself toned up and feel refreshed. Working out in the winters not only keeps you fit but also keeps your spirits high in the dreadful weather.

3. Plan for a Vacation

Planning for a summer break in advance will give you something to look forward to and will keep your spirits high. Book a week near the sea to soak up some Vitamin D, or plan a boat trip. You may also want to go camping with your mates if you wish to stay near home.

4. Get Some Fresh Air

If you are stuck in your monotonous routine from office to home and haven’t breathed fresh air in a long time, you really need to make some changes to your routine. Sit down and make a list of outdoor activities that you can add to your routine. Plan your weekends in advance and add at least one outdoor activity. Little things like walking up to a friend’s place or heading for a quick run before a Saturday night can make a huge difference. You will feel a lot better and healthier, as you make small changes like these in your life.

5. Clean Your Kit Before the Spring

This is the time to look over your outdoor gear. Replace the completely worn out items and take advantage of the winter sales with some of the best deals that come up. Re-wax your waterproofs and sew up any rips and tears of the gear. Working on the kit will help you stay prepared and all set for the spring.

6. Keep Yourself Warm

It is known that keeping warm can cut down winter blues and uplift your mood. Wear warm clothes and shoes and sip on hot drinks to bring down anxiety levels.

7. Hydrate Yourself

Avoid too much caffeine as it dehydrates your body, and keep the intake of water high. Hydrating yourself will boost your energy levels and will kick out lethargy.

Apart from the above options, try to socialise as much as you can – do anything that keeps your energy levels high. Spend time with your family and friends or join a hobby course to give yourself a new purpose during brutally cold winters.