I still remember the time when I spent my night in the Colorado Rockies. I was prepared with campfire tents, stoves and wood to keep me warm through the night. The Colarado Rockies get very cold during the night, with the temperature less than -5°C. It was an ordeal, but I learnt some important things.  

Around 2:00 A.M it got really cold and I realised the fire went out after three to four hours of continuous burning. The stove went cold and there was no extra fire to keep me warm throughout the night.

I realised that the most important things to keep with you at all times are:

  • Heat
  • Enough Fuel
  • Oxygen 

Maintaining these three things near your campfire can help you keep warm through the freezing night. I tested some of the most important things required to keep the fire burning throughout the night. Here are some useful tips to help you keep the campfire burning:

  1. Save More Wood than What Is Required

It is advisable to follow the ½-inch rule to save and use wood. The wood can sometimes burn faster. Therefore, keeping in mind that every half inch can burn for half an hour will help save more fuel.

  1. Spread the Rocks Around

Be careful, some rocks can heat up so much that they can actually explode, So make sure you choose the right kind of rocks. Having found the right ones, it gets easy to burn the wood slowly due to the heat that is kept intact.

  1. Use Slow-burning Wood

Gathering firewood is not that easy when you are camping in the woods. So, it is better to use slow burning wood to keep it burning throughout the night.

  1. Use Ash

 Hot ash helps reignite the wood that is already burnt. It makes the process continuous by helping burn the wood in a slow manner. Use a shovel to scoop the ash out and place it over the burning wood and you are done.

  1. Ventilate the Burning Wood

The fire needs to breathe. It wouldn’t stay lit if it doesn’t have proper ventilation. Avoid stacking a pile of wood over the fire that is already burning. The fire would go out due to no ventilation. Gently blow near the coal to allow ventilation and proper burning of the fuel.

  1. Follow Safety Rules

Always make sure you follow safety rules such as keeping a watch over any possible fire hazard, as well as carry a fire-extinguisher. Also keep water nearby.

  1. Make Sure To Choose the Right Spot

 High-altitude areas are an easy hotspot for wildfires. Avoid areas with dry materials over the ground. Choose spots with long trees that can serve as a blockage for the wind. It makes for a safer spot to build a campfire near the tent.



 Keeping these safety rules in mind, you can have a good time with your friends, family and loved ones. Make sure you have enough food, as well as fuel and oxygen to keep the wood burning through the night.