As the season of scorching heat comes to an end and the leaves start turning red and yellow, it’s the perfect time to start camping. Who wants to ever miss out on spending time with their loved ones and making new memories? In fact, its statistically true that campgrounds and popular trails are less crowded around this time of the year. Though there might be one downside to planning a camping trip in the fall, kids getting cold. But that’s not going to be an issue anymore. Take a look at these pointers from my own experience that might come in handy and make your trip more fun and memorable.

When the Weather changes

You can never completely rely on the forecast here in UK, there is bound to be some weather change or the other. Well, you never know so it’s best to be prepared. I always tend to keep a bag with extra layers and raincoats ready for emergencies. You can also carry some card games or play verbal games in the tent while waiting for the weather to go back to normal.

Take a Drive if You Have To

Often when we are dumbfounded with unexpected rain showers, I tend to get the whole family in the car and we take a little drive within a mile or two with the heater blasting on full speed. It really gets everybody cosy and we get something to laugh about later as well.

Cosy is the Key to Happy

Let no cold disturb your night. Keep a pair of mittens and winter hats ready in your tent pockets because you never really can win from the weather. When we go camping, I usually get the kids to wear their pyjamas along with thick socks, topped off with a fleece pullover (and a jacket if it gets really cold). You can even tuck your smallest kid in your sleeping bag, body warmth is a great cosy keeper.
When it comes to sleeping bags, it is essential that you choose the ones with good quality material. Also, in my personal experience, don’t buy a kiddie bag for your younger ones because they will eventually outgrow them and unless you want to spend on an item twice, try buying a bag that is a size or two big.

Know When it’s time to Call it Off

The thing with kids is easy, there is no right time or predetermined plan, if they don’t feel good or if the colour of their lips turns, then you know it is time to call it off. Of course, you wouldn’t want the trip to be a disaster if any kid (or adult) falls ill.

Well, I guess that’s it for my share. And I hope that you get to spend quality time with your family and loved ones and are able to make unforgettable memories on your camping trips just like we do.