Often travelling with your kids, especially teenagers sounds ambitious and if it is a camp that you have planned for them during the holidays then it’s even more intimidating. As parents, we have many preconceived notions about our teenage kids. We think the age gap can be a ruining factor and hence most of us do not initiate any fun outdoor planning with them.

It is a well-known fact that to know your kid better, it is important that you travel with them. Camping is one such outdoor activity that might help you bond with your kids. However, you need to remember that your way of camping might not turn out to be the ideal camping for your kid. Also, your teenage kid would want more independence and privacy. Hence, following a few tips to make the upcoming family camping worth while.

Location- Growing into teens can make kids a little snobbish. It might take some time for them to get out of their shell. Hence, you will have to make sure that you choose an ideal camping location for your kid. If you are parent aware of your kid’s choices, then this task might get a little easier for you. A campsite of your kid’s choice will give you time to mingle more with them.

Own Space- Teenagers love their privacy, I know this for a fact as I have a niece who has recently turned 13. They love their privacy and their own space. Giving then a tent of their own can solve a lot of issues at once. It is not ideal to carry additional tents, however, there are many camping tents on the market that are lightweight, easy to fix, and can fit 2-3 people.

Company- if your teenage is the only child, then he or she might find it difficult to pass time on such camping excursions. Any kid would want a partner in crime. If your son or daughter has a friend or two, then let them bring them over for this trip. Also, as mentioned above, you will not fall short of space for your kid’s friends if you invest in individual camping tent for your kid.

Activities- Chilling with your kid can be fun. Look out for some adventure on your camping trip. Be it swimming in the river or a pool, going on a small trek, fishing, canoeing etc., can be really thrilling for you and your kid and will give you time to recharge and revive the bond. You can even carry a few board games for some additional chilling at night time. Apart from this, doing a bonfire with your family can give you an opportunity to strike some untold and unfinished conversations with your teen. The starry sky, the warmth of the fire, the fresh air and some good music of your kid’s choice will infuse a magical moment where you and your kids can enjoy a wonderful time eating and laughing.

Good Food- Eating and munching with your kid while watching a watching a movie can keep your kids in good spirits. Carrying chocolates, chips, cupcakes, candies will keep your child happy and jumping.

Make such trips adventurous for your kid and let them enjoy their fun outdoor time with you so that they can have stories to tell their kids in the future. Let camping be one of the shared interests you have with your teen, so that you can make go the next year too!