Workout regimes definitely make your day more energetic but sometimes it becomes difficult to take even a slight step towards a healthy lifestyle unless you get that inner motivation. Each day avails you of different roles and responsibilities while taking a specific time for a workout might be an extra mile to achieve. However, once you are determined to take that first step towards a health-conscious journey, there won’t be any going back. Here are some suggestions on how to get back to the workout schedules after an extended break.


  • Make Slow yet Effective Progress

The first step is to make yourself disciplined enough so that you can set realistic goals. You can clearly visualise the days when you used to feel fit and refreshed after working out. Let that feeling motivate you to bring out the best version of yourself. But do the exercises sparingly while going with the flow. For example, if you are a runner, you must ensure not to go for a long-distance run on the very first day because the existing physical capacity is quite different from what it was back then. Start with walking and if you wish, take one mile at a time.

  • Make Yourself Ready for Body Pain


You have to understand that your body has acquired a state where it was away from exercising for a certain period of time. Therefore, it is obvious for your body parts to react as you start working out again. You'll need to regain your former level of endurance by exercising which will naturally result in body pain. Make yourself prepared for ice baths and plan a relaxing afternoon on the first day of being back on the run. Knowing what to anticipate and how to deal with it will increase the likelihood of your long-term achievement because the initial phases always involve some suffering. Once exercises become a part of your regular routine, all the pain would seamlessly disappear.


  • Self-driven Approach to Building a Momentum


If you are following a particular workout regime,  it would be difficult for you to gradually increase the intensity of exercises and gain momentum. Do not try to go for an intense workout on the very first day because that will burn your energy down and leave you with negligible motivation for the upcoming days. There should be a noticeable transition from minimal physical activity to intense one since this gap gives your body enough time to adapt to the changes. Therefore it is suggested to build a gradual momentum without being in a hurry since it leaves a significant impact on your body.


  • Workout Partner or Friend


A workout partner or friend can be highly helpful and motivating in such aspects of life. Exercising sessions will be more fun and competitive as a friend can offer you support as well as encouragement to become a better version of yourself every day. Although peer pressure is not regarded as the best kind of motivation in other fields, it works perfectly well in this case. You build a greater likelihood to stick with the workout schedule when you have a friend to accompany you on this health-transforming journey. Moreover, ensure that you find a friend who is as enthusiastic as you are so that both are focused on continuing a progressive healthy lifestyle.

It will be easier for you to prevent unsurprising discomfort and exercise exhaustion if you are well aware of how to resume exercising after a long break. Therefore, start following your workout schedules by constantly evolving yourself, being ready for the pain, and gathering speed gradually.