Amidst the daily juggling of work, family, and various commitments, finding time for cycling can be a challenge. However, with some clever planning and creative solutions, even the busiest cyclists can maximise their riding opportunities without compromising their other responsibilities. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or a beginner, incorporating these tips into your routine will help you maintain your passion for cycling and stay fit, no matter how hectic life gets. In this article, we'll explore some time-saving tips that will help cyclists maximise their riding opportunities and maintain their fitness levels.

  • Seize the Lunch Break:

Making the most of your lunch break can be an effective way to squeeze in a quick riding session. If possible, extend your lunch break by a few minutes and use that time for a tempo session. Whether you have access to a gym bike or can find a quiet section of the road or cycle path, a short but intense ride can help get your heart pumping and relieve the morning's work stress.

  • Expand Your Commute Horizons:

Commuting to work by bike offers numerous benefits, including fitness gains. By extending your commute by an extra 15 or 20 minutes, you can add valuable riding time to your day. Consider incorporating intervals or high-intensity efforts during the extended commute to boost your fitness levels even further. Opt for a route with fewer traffic lights to minimise interruptions and make the most of your ride.

  • Get Prepared in Advance:

Eliminate time-wasting tasks before your ride by having all your cycling gear prepared and organised. Keep your bike in good condition, have your spare parts readily available, and ensure your clothing and accessories are clean and accessible. Being well-prepared will save you valuable minutes and enable you to head out for a ride without unnecessary delays.

  • Harness the Power of Indoor Training:

When time is limited or the weather is uncooperative, indoor training offers a convenient and efficient option. Setting up a designated indoor training space, also known as a "pain cave," allows you to focus on your workout without distractions. Platforms like Zwift offer the opportunity to ride with friends, join races, and complete structured interval training in a time-efficient manner. Indoor training ensures you get the exact amount of riding time you plan for, making it a great option for busy cyclists.

  • Family Fun on Wheels:

If finding time for both cycling and family activities is challenging, consider combining the two. Family rides can be a fun way to spend quality time together while still clocking in some cycling miles. As your children grow, you can explore longer routes and make cycling an enjoyable family activity. Cycling to school with the kids can also double as your morning workout, maximising your time and fostering a healthy lifestyle for the entire family.


Finding time to ride may seem like an insurmountable task, but with some smart planning and prioritisation, busy cyclists can maintain their fitness levels and enjoy their favourite activity. By incorporating lunchtime rides, extending commutes, being well-prepared, utilising indoor training, and involving the family, cyclists can maximise their riding opportunities and stay healthy even during the busiest periods of life. Remember, a little creativity and efficiency can go a long way in ensuring you continue to enjoy the benefits of cycling amidst your hectic schedule.