Want to make the most of your beach vacation? You must know what to pack and bring to the beach to get the most out of your beach trip. Regardless of whether you have booked a room in a fully-furnished beach resort or planning to camp on the Caribbean beach, these things must be with you for an enjoyable experience.

Pack Towels

You’re not going on a beach vacation without this. Pack towels are an absolute must-have, regardless of whether you are camping, vacationing on the beach, hiking or visiting a tourist destination. Known for their versatility, these towels are easily packable, light-weight and can quickly dry that make them ideal for a trip to the lake, river or park. Unlike beach towels, they are smaller in size and you can use them for sitting or wiping your body after taking a dip.

Hydration Backpack

Planning and preparation will help make your beach vacation more enjoyable. You should get a hydration backpack rather than a big beach bag that may be too bulky to carry. Your backpack should contain plenty of water bottles, food, sun cream and other beach gear that will help you remain comfortable, hydrated and relaxed.

Polarized Sunglasses

Having polarized sunglasses is the best way to prevent eyestrain or headache caused due to sun’s glare or bright light coming from other sources. These glasses use specialised filter to block all horizontal light waves. It’s better to wear sunglasses with an eyewear retainer or holder so you can keep them on your head.

Sun-Protective Clothes and Rash Guards

If you love snorkelling, surfing and bodyboarding you must have a rash guard that will protect your skin from rashes. Besides this, you should wear sun-protective clothing with a 30 or higher UPF rating to protect your skin from sunburns and to avoid applying sun cream frequently.

Travel Hammock

A handy travel hammock will let you enjoy even more. Don’t forget to pack a lightweight and comfortable travel hammock that you can easily set up at a resort or on a deserted beach.

Sport Sandals

Very few things can be more useful and provide underfoot protection than a pair of sport sandals. Sandals will help you explore the town, hike inland trails or explore the uncharted territories in remote beaches. The sandals should be comfortable, water- and travel-friendly, and provide you hours of comfort and facilitate seamless traction and sturdy underfoot protection from rocks and debris.

Although the list may not be exhaustive – these are only some of the most crucial things you must pack for a beach vacation.