Having a pet dog is a blessing in disguise. It will become the best friend that you will ever have- loyal, loving, and fun to hang out with. Not only that, but in general, dogs lighten up the mood of the entire household and teach you how to take care of someone.

However, having a pet dog comes with a set of challenges. You have regular vet check-ups to attend to which are expensive and if you are an enthusiastic traveller, then taking care of the dog while travelling becomes a challenge.

Most of the time you will find yourself cancelling out on trips or not wanting to go just because it hurts to leave behind your buddy with some relative or in a kennel. Some people take their dogs with them while travelling and if you want to do the same, then this article offers some useful tips on travelling with your dog.


  1. Training Them

Train your dog well in the basics like sitting, heel, and listening to you so that your vacation turns out to be peaceful and enjoyable. Knowing the right way to control your dog is important. If your dog is hard to control, then it is going to pose a lot of problems for you during your vacation.

  1. Respecting Others

Not every person you come across during your vacation needs to be dog-friendly. Some people may not be fond of them or maybe scared of them. Thus, being sensitive towards their feelings is important. You can do so by taking care of the fact that your dog does not mess around in social situations, e.g., if you are at a restaurant, make sure that your dog is sitting with you and not wandering off to other people’s tables.

Moreover, don’t let your dog jump on anybody and if someone comes to pet your dog, do let them know if there are any specific things that your dog might not like to prevent any mishaps.

  1. Pack Right

Pack an extra suitcase for your four-legged buddy with all their essentials so that you don’t face problems after reaching your destination. Sometimes, your dog might have some particular likes and dislikes with food products, etc., and not every place may not have its preferences available. Thus, it's best to carry it yourself. Some essentials include collapsible and portable bowls for food and water, their preferred food, favourite toys, leashes, medications if they have any, their vaccination documents, etc. Some treats and snacks for your buddy are always welcome.

  1. Pet Policies

Make sure to check the pet policies of your destination before heading out or booking tickets. Although most places have become pet-friendly, it is always better to be well-equipped with such information. Get all the information you need about the rules and restrictions (if any) the airlines, the hotel, or the transportation system may have for your dog. It is important to note that some dog breeds have special mentions and restrictions imposed because of their sizes. So, be sure to see that your dog’s breed isn’t on that list.

  1. Go Make Some Doggie Friends

Travelling can get stressful for your dog with the change of place and space. Hence, if you can make time, take your buddy out to a dog park where they can play around and make some friends as well. In that manner, your dog stays happy and you too get the opportunity to view the local lives and culture.



You can now be more hopeful about travelling with your four-legged buddy with the tips given in the article. Make sure to be vigilant of your dog’s likes and dislikes so that both of you can have a fun time together.