So, you have finally decided to have a travelling adventure. But, deciding is not enough and is just the first step. To make your trip successful you need to do some serious planning. Having all things sorted beforehand will save you from the last-minute hassles. Here is a quick guide for you to help you out in your planning.

  • Travel insurance:

Many people would question if it’s necessary to carry a travel health insurance. But, I would suggest taking it. It is as important as your flight tickets and passport. This is especially very helpful if you are travelling abroad. This will also be useful in case you need medical treatment at the local hospital.

  • Money:

It’s better that you do some calculation before you travel. As many people consider carrying plastic cash these days, it is necessary that you ensure your credit and debit card work in that country. Your travelling expenses should be calculated keeping the conversion rate in mind and even keeping some margin in case there is an increase in that. Keep a tab of the local banks as well as the ATMs so that you can take the cash out with ease. Keep a little cash with you for train and bus tickets and other small expenses.

  • Visit a GP

You surely would not want to fall sick on your holiday. For this, you need to visit your general practitioner for a quick health check up. This is more important if you are travelling to the mountains or areas which are remote. Keep all your medicines, in case you take any, with you.

  • Local research:

Gather all the information about the place you will be travelling to. Keep an updated map with all the routes and travelling options. Choose beforehand how you are going to travel to prevent any last-minute inconvenience. Public transport is always reliable and cheaper to travel. When trekking, keep a GPS or compass with you. Plan your trip around a specific events . You would not want to miss a once in a lifetime event just because you did not plan your trip strategically enough.


Be prepared with the essential clothing items according to the weather in that place. Keep warm layers, jackets, shoes, gloves or socks if you are going to hilly or cold areas. For a beach vacation carry hats, sunscreen and other essentials. Always pack extra pairs with you. Keep some snacks for quick munching until you reach your destination.

While all this seems to be a little daunting, it is definitely important to ensure you are prepared for the trip ahead.