You are all set to go on your first hiking trip, but have you thought of the things that you must carry with you? Make a list of all the essential gear and items that you need during your hiking trip. Here is a quick guide for you to ensure that you don’t forget anything.


This is the most essential item that you need to buy before heading for any hiking trip. Go for a well-fitted and comfortable backpack, which is sturdy at the same time. You will be carrying it most of the time, so ensure it has a cushioned back and straps too. It should be spacious enough to carry your essential gear. Choose a waterproof backpack as you can’t be sure about the weather in the hilly areas. Ending up with damp clothes is the last thing that you want.

Appropriate footwear:

You can’t wear your favourite pair of trainers on a hiking trip you need to ensure you are wearing the correct gear. Hiking is not the same as walking on the roads. Hence, for this you need to invest in a good pair of hiking boots or shoes. A good pair of boots will not only protect your feet from injury but, also provide you with stability and support on slippery surfaces. Only hiking boots can bear the rigors of the mountains. When choosing a hiking boot, look for something which is comfortable, waterproof, hard-wearing and also provides traction.


Shirts made of merino wool and wool blends are perfect for hikers. The shirts and pants should be made of lightweight, quick-dry, and breathable material. Layers are important to maintain a consistent body temperature. You should carry a waterproof jacket no matter what the weather is. Socks are as important as the boots as they give an additional cushioning and protection for the feet. Go for well-fitted and good quality socks, made of wicking material. Always pack an extra layer for emergency.

Food and water:

Don’t rely on finding a place to eat while hiking as you will be in the wilderness for hours. As hiking is a physical activity, it can burn your calories very quickly. Hence, to keep up with the nutrition levels, you must carry snacks and quick food for yourself. Energy bars are a great source of protein and will keep you full for a long time. You can also carry dry fruits and nuts for instant snacking. Hydration is also important, especially if you are walking in the sun. Carry water and energy drinks with you to maintain the energy levels.

Safety and navigation tools

Keep yourself prepared with navigation tools like updated maps, compass or GPS. Hiking trails can be tricky places to navigate as they are most of the times not defined clearly. A good navigation tool will not let you stray in the wilderness. Power backup and a smartphone should also be kept for communicating. Matchbox, torch, batteries, multi-tool or Swiss knife are other essentials. A first aid box should contain the basic medicines, bandages, disinfectant to keep you prepared for uncalled injuries.

Besides all the above items, you can also take sunglasses, hats, sunscreen with you for protection against sun and also prevent sunburn.