Yoga is not a practice but an ‘Abyassa’ that needs great patience and can provide instant gratification and transformation for a lifetime. It calms down your body and keeps you focused and energized. Practising yoga and meditation has been will help you work on your mental as well as physical fitness. Yoga is for everyone and when done regularly, provides many benefits (as discussed below) that gives an immense feeling of well-being. Check out these few benefits of yoga and who knows even you get addictive to this way of exercising.

Makes your Body Flexible

Yoga calls for stretching and moving your body in different ways that will help in making your body more flexible and make some of those jammed areas in motion. Constant practice or abhyaasa can bring flexibility to your back, shoulders, hamstrings, and hips. Ageing or sitting continuously for long hours can decrease the flexibility of your body, which can further cause stillness and pain. Try out the helpful asanas and you can transform the lethargic you into an active person.

For a Better Body Image

If you’ve ever been to the yoga studio, you’ll never find a mirror out there. This is because yoga helps develop inner awareness and makes us learn how to focus on the abilities of our body. Yoga never teaches you how to pose, but work on the strength of your body and mind. It’s never about being physically attractive but taking care of your body. That is why yoga is also practised to treat many disorders and encourage self-esteem.

Makes You a Mindful Eater

Yoga also helps you learn the art of mindfulness that makes you focus your attention on the things you’re experiencing in the current moment and that too without judging yourself. Yoga not only promises mindfulness in the class, but also different areas of your life including mindful eating. It helps you be aware of how your body feels when you take or savour the first bite of the food and notice how it smells, feels, and tastes in your mouth.

Promises Better Breathing

Most of never notice or think much about how we generally breathe. Yoga includes exercises like Pranayama that teaches us to be attentive about our breathing pattern and make us learn how to take proper and deeper breaths, which are very beneficial for our body. Who knew there would have been types of breaths that will help us in different ways. Yes, specific kinds of breaths are an effective way to treat people with allergies and clear the nasal passage and also helps calm down the nervous system.

Power Yoga and Core

If you’ve heard of the power yoga, it includes isometric exercises that help build core strength, like holding your body into one position without any movement. It also includes different other postures that make your back and core stronger. The core needs to be treated for maximum flexibility and balance that will help increase the health and strength of the complete body. Typically, this kind of yoga is done in a high-temperature room that helps keep the muscles warm and release the extra toxins from your body. While some of the most effective benefits of power yoga are:

  • Power yoga aids in improving strength, flexibility, and endurance
  • Back muscles including traps and lats start supporting the spine in a better way
  • You get a correct posture
  • Increased shoulder and arm strength that allows you to use your body weight for resistance

So no matter you want to treat your aching body or want to follow this art to take your fitness to a new level, yoga can be one of the best and most successful ways to gain strength and make the most of your time invested.