Well the warm weather didn’t last long and it looks like more rain and cooler temperatures are on the way, so what better time for taking a look at your waterproof kit requirements at your outdoor clothing store. Here are a few reasons for getting the latest bargains from the website.

1. After all we have to be honest and realize that here in the UK, whatever part you live in, it rains a lot, as we have seen this winter so waterproofs should be an essential buy.

2. They are good for your health. I kid you not people because they can be seen as a preventative method. Think about it, wear them in the right circumstances and by staying dry you are in effect reducing your chance of catching a cold

3. For the ladies, and us men too, with a waterproof in your rucksack you know your hair is going to look better if you areprepared and don’t end up looking like the proverbial ‘drowned rat’

4. Whilst they won’t give you an instant six pack or biceps to rival Arnie in his prime, it will reduce your excuses to not go out and exercise

5. As well as avoiding the bad hair day you will also avoid the embarrassing wet look t-shirt and all that entails when you finally reach shelter after being caught by that sudden summer shower.

6. Always useful as goalposts fot that traditional beach kickabout

7. And as the man himself says (Sir Rannulph Fiennes to you and me), “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing’

So why not see what we have to offer in the way of waterproofs at your favourite outdoor clothing store and see what bargains you can pick up