Often whenever I visit the Shropshire Hills, I do so by driving from my home which takes me around two hours, and by the time I reach there, I usually drive for an extra hour to Snowdonia rather than walking. However, last Sunday I decided to walk on the same track, hoping to explore the territory, and was amazed by the beauty it beholds. I would like to request the readers to attempt the walk to Caer Caradoc at least once during their visit to Shropshire Hills.

Walking to Caer Caradoc from Church Stretton

Church Stretton offers great parking spots for your car and is also a great starting point for the walk till Caer Caradoc. You can pull your car outside of the Co-Op and witness other enthusiastic walkers gathering their equipment for the trek.

Caer Caradoc is at an altitude of 459 meters and was once a site of an Iron Age hill fort. There are numerous paths to reach Caer Caradoc. I chose the circular one which has a gentle gradient at first and gradually becomes steeper on the descent. Once you reach the summit, you will witness breathtaking and picturesque views of the countryside. The Long Mynd is adjacent to the valley and The Lawley and Wrekin can be seen from the summit as well. After walking to the summit of Caer Caradoc, I was able to realise what I had been missing out on for so long.

The route I traversed through was rather a short one of just over 5 miles from the car parking and back. This gave me ample to explore the summit and the surrounding areas and do some photoshoots as well!

Activities to Do Close By

If you have a knack for nature exploration, the walk from the Carding Mill Valley to the Long Mynd is a great option for you. It has been voted 44 in Britain’s Favourite Walks last year. Apart from that, you can opt for other adventurous activities like mountain biking. The Minton Batch nearby has been voted as one of the best natural singletrack descents in Britain.

The Route

You can browse the many routes available on OS Map. I chose a shorter route but you can opt for longer ones as per your preference.


The postcode for the Easthope Road parking space is SY6 6BZ but sometimes the satellite navigation is unable to take you to the exact location, so be wary of that. There are toilet facilities available at the parking space and a Co-Op on the opposite if you need to gather some supplies. Moreover, cafes, shops, and pubs are located a few minutes away from the car space.

The Best Time to Visit

The trail to Caer Caradoc is well surfaced and the walk is pretty much easy. This makes it great to visit it any time of the year. If you plan out a trip, make sure to see the weather forecast for a clear sky to witness beautiful sceneries. Church Stretton is very popular so expect many walkers and mountain bikers if you visit on the weekends.