Whilst it is quintessentionally a British past time, for many of those visiting these sceptred shores experience there first queue when going to Wimbledon but are they prepared with the best outdoor clothing almost being de rigour for those wanting to at least near the front.

Watching the TV coverage has shown a great variation in people’s approach, although it seems to stand any chance of centre court tickets them an overnight camp is definitely recommended. However an early start and we are talking joining the queue on the day before 5am gives you an outside chance of a show court ticket, with the increase of the stands in the last couple of years. However what do you pack, considering that you are going to have to go through security checks? Well don’t worry too much as Wimbledon have though of this as well and have organised a left luggage area. Therefore if you are on your own and have packed for an overnight with the biggest rucksack you have just make sure the day’s essentials are in a smaller bag at the top.

However what do you consider the day’s essentials? A waterproof, even it is a packable, jacket or poncho has to be number one on the list, we all know what an English Summer means these days so consider the Regatta Packaway Jacket, lightweight waterproof and breathable and folds into its own mesh bag: Perfect for wearing when sheltering from the rain drinking a Pimms and eating strawberries. In addition it won’t take up much space in the small daypack you have selected. Maybe the Timberland 16L Litetrace Day Pack would fit the bill. It’s lightweight, water resistant and is also eco friendly being made from fabric that has resourced recycled plastic in its manufacture process. And just in case, you never know, pack a good cap to protect you from the sun and a good quality t-shirt that incorporates some UPF protection.

So whatever you chose for your best outdoor clothing deals at Outdoor Look, remember the first rule of queuing – no pushing in or passing people ahead of you, he said hopefully, and enjoy the experience of Henman Hill, or is it Murray Mount these days?