Some time ago I came across the opportunity to join a local gym to test the membership for a month. The concept was basically about if joining a gym is worth it.

I liked the concept. I wanted a fitness plan. I missed swimming and there were some good fitness spaces in my locality which had pools in them.


As it would happen, my excitement soon came to a halt when I found that the gyms in my locality did not want me to join for only a month. They were looking for long-term relationships, something that would last a year and would probably have me end up proposing to and eventually getting married to a very buffed-up fitness-freak version of me. Self-love, at its best. Of course, the money for these 12 months would be deducted at a go. One, generously if I dare say, mentioned a 3-day free pass. Yay! Some promised to call back to confirm but they ghosted faster than bots. There was one particular place that had an expensive monthly membership of £50, a price I thought would be too much if you consider £4 for a 45-minute class.

I couldn't decide well. Maybe, I was being stingy at this point. I thought about going but the cost had me crumbling back every time. Back then it had me question my decision-making skills and myself.

Now that I think about it, I don't actually regret it. I am quite happy I didn't go for it. Yes, I still don't mind attending some sort of class and would like to go for a swim but lacking these have not made me miss out much in life. Besides, do I even have the time between working, sleeping, eating, and of course, blogging?

Maybe, I sound like a lazy bum. But, I beg to differ. I have been keeping myself active with cycling which happens to be as often as it can be. I usually use my bike as a commute to work and that happens when the weather is fine and there is not much load except what's in my head to carry. I found that I didn't like taking time out to exercise. I like doing it in my everyday chores. I liked burning calories while working on the tasks assigned for the day.

I walk and hike as much as I can. But that happens only during the weekends. On weekdays, my bike is my saving grace. This is the new fitness challenge I set myself to. Giving myself this channel helps motivate me to exercise regularly. And the summers do make a nice ambiance to work out this way.

I know what gym memberships have in store for you. AC rooms, equipment to build muscle strength, audio-visual entertainment, swimming pools, and soothing saunas. I also know that for some, spending money is the motivation they need to exercise. Some workouts are better done indoors. But, I have been in a gym before, and somehow, I can't seem to bring myself to go back there again. For me, the countryside works better. I love the outdoors. I love having an active life that takes me around the town from beautiful shops to mesmerizing seashores. That's the exercise plan my body and mind agree to.