Skiing has been a sport associated with opulence and luxury. The Alps are ideal for reserving a resort and a ski trip that combines great food and luxury living. If you don't mind being extravagant with your money, then you can pick one of the following resorts for having a winter holiday to remember for a long time.

The Courchevel Ski Resort, France

This ski resort has North-facing slopes that make the snow on the slopes perfect for skiers or snowboarders having experience level ranging from beginner to experienced. The Courchevel has 4 resort villages joined by road, lifts and pistes. The villages are commonly known by the name Courchevel 1650, Courchevel 1850, Courchevel 1300, and Courchevel 1550. The largest village of these ski resort is the Courchevel 1850, which houses the main lift hub and is the favourite place among each Parisiennes and Russian oligarchs. The place offers top-class luxurious stays at an astronomically high price which are affordable by a few and that is why this place is a favourite among the super-rich class. The other villages are relatively affordable compared to Courchevel 1850 and are frequently visited by people from all over the world.

St. Moritz Resort, Switzerland

If you want exclusivity and luxury of the iconic scale, then being a little more spendthrift will get you into the most opulent ski resort in Switzerland. The St. Moritz Ski resort is known for its glamorous and chic environment that appeals to the famous and rich people across the world who come here to spend a few days enjoying the picturesque surrounding and skiing. The variety of activities and the skiing friendly slopes keep both the experienced and beginner level skiers entertained.

Verbier Ski Resort, Switzerland

The exciting and challenging ski runs, and a variety of ski slopes make Verbier an ideal destination for a skiing holiday. The resort has luxurious chalets that attract celebrities and royalties from all of Europe as well as the United States of America. The highest slope of the resort is Mont-Fort that reaches an elevation of 10,925 feet. The resort exudes grandeur and an ambience of sophistication and charm. The opulence of the resort and the challenging slopes make this a must-visit resort for experienced skiers.

Cortina D’Ampezzo Ski Resort, Italy

The Cortina Ski Resort famous for the fashionable and upmarket vibes. The place has the fame of hosting the Winter Olympics 1956 and being the place for various movies shoots including the famous James Bond franchise. Also called “the queen of the Dolomites”, this place has various ski spots which will keep the visitors busy in activities. Tofona, the highest ski mountain, which rises to an elevation of over 9000-feet, offers the experienced skiers a challenging environment for skiing. The picturesque villages surrounding the resort have top restaurants with a variety of fun activities going on to keep you hooked when you are not feeling energised enough for skiing.

Kitzbühel Ski Resort, Austria

The most famous and often regarded as the most picturesque ski town in Europe, the Kitzbühel has been in business for over 100 years and it never fails to captivate its visitors with its gourmet cooked food and quiet vibes. The resort is less crowded and not heavy on your pocket compared to other luxury ski resorts in Europe and will give a calming getaway from the busy city life. Visit this place in the last week of January or the first half of February for a fulfilling holiday experience.

So that was our list of the most famous luxury ski resorts in Europe. You can plan your winter holidays according to the choice of activities you want to do and your budget. Share your experience of holidays if you’ve already visited any of these places.