Learning how to pitch a tent is the most basic thing you should know if you want to go camping in the wild or any other place in the mountains. If you are new to camping and don’t want to waste time in pitching the tent then you can take help from this blog to learn an easier way to set up the tent. This blog features basic procedures with some great tips that you must know before you start to pitch your tent.

Basic Knowledge about the Tent

All the tents have different features and even the same kind of camping tent differ in some aspects depending on the brand. In this blog, we have focused on tents featuring an inner compartment, flysheet, and poles that can be forced to form a dome-like structure. Note that the procedure in this blog cannot be used for a huge marquee style tent or canvas scout tent.

Follow these steps to set up your tent:

  1. Taking Out the Tent

Take out the tent carefully from its packing and ensure that no small component gets damaged or lost during the process. Keep some weight on the bag of the tent to protect it from the windy weather.

Separate the Components

Now separate the outer rain cover (fly) from the inner part of the tent to avoid mix up. Also, separate the stakes/pegs and poles after taking them out of the bag.

Join the Poles of the Tent

The poles of the tent should be interlinked with the stretchy string and laid out on the ground so you can differentiate between them. Some poles are colour-coded or are of different length for easy identification.

  1. Connecting the Poles with the Tent

Keep the groundsheet or tent footprint down. Lay the inner tent on the ground and place the end of the pole by bending and fitting them into their attachments. Once the frame of the tent is ready, clip the inner tent on the frame.

  1. Securing the Tent to the Ground

Attach the tent to the ground using the stakes or pegs. Put the stakes at a 45-degree angle into the ground as deep as possible. Do not bury the stakes completely, otherwise, it will make it hard for you to take the tent out after completing the trip.

  1. Attach the Outer Fly

Place the fly or outer cover over the frame and attach it with the poles using the tabs or loops of the outer part. Once they are attached properly and the door of the outer part is in line with the inner part, secure the guylines of the tent to the nearest trees to protect the tent from the high-speed winds. Make sure that the guylines create enough tension across the tent as this will give additional stability to the tent. Ensure there is enough gap between the inner tent and the tent fly as it may lead to rainwater dripping inside or hamper the airflow.

Before setting up your camping tent, you must look for an ideal spot for it. The spot should be perfect to rest on and also, where you can set the tent easily. You can even share your thoughts on how to set up a tent easily.