There are plenty of activities which we can try out and get involved with to improve our bodies physically – but none of them are as simple as hiking. Here are the benefits!


Unlike the majority of other physical exercises, hiking does not require money to be spent on acquiring expensive kit and gear, and maybe even a place to do it. If you’ve got a pair of walking shoes, you’re ready to go!

As well as any expenses, you also don’t need to be in a particular level of fitness to start. A hike may sound to some like a word for a very lengthy walk – both in terms of distance and time – but it’s perfectly fine to begin with a small hike. If you stick with it, your level of fitness will begin to improve and you’ll soon be able to challenge yourself to complete tougher hikes of greater distances.

Hiking is also an activity which can do wonders for your mind, as well as your body. We live in a period of time where we’re always connected, so taking the time to switch off and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air can distract our thoughts away from any stress or worries.

Hiking is also a great activity to do with any family or friends. Time together is important, so being able to spend time with someone whilst you’re improving your level of fitness is a win-win. Whilst you’re out and about, you’re also extremely likely to cross paths with fellow walkers – some of which you will share interests with as well as be of a similar level of fitness too.

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