Talk to an experienced hiker and they will tell you that there’s no such thing like bad weather or temperature, it’s the inappropriate clothing that might ruin the day. Heading out for a hike not only needs proper equipment like a map, gears, electronic items, or the right backpack but right type of clothing as well. This can let you enjoy a comfortable and easy hiking experience.

So, if you’re planning for your next hike and wondering what and how to pack, you can check out these features and enjoy your outdoor treks effortlessly.

Features of your Hiking Attire

A quick tip: Before you start with the features, remember, regardless of what material or type of cloth you want to pick, never miss out their specific properties.

Wicking Abilities

First things first, hiking is an adventure sport that includes walking for a long time, which makes it evident that sweating will be involved. Your clothes will touch your skin that makes it important for them to pull the moisture away and dry quickly. Clothes with a wicking layer make them breathable and have the capability to wick away perspiration, thus you end up completing your journey in the most comfortable way.

Convertible Options

Hikers simply fall for the convertible clothing as it allows them to adjust quickly according to the temperature. While packing for the hike, go for zip-off pants and shirts with loops and buttons, so you can turn them into shorts or half-sleeve shirt depending on the weather conditions. Also, it prevents you from throwing a number of clothes in the bag and make your backpack lightweight.

Fabric Picks

Fabric plays a really important role while selecting the right kind of clothes for hiking. There are a lot of fabric choices for outdoor apparels like:

  1. Wool (Merino wool), known for breathability, moisture-wicking ability, and is not prone to retaining odours.
  2. The affordable and most preferable option is polyester/ nylon that can dry fast.
  3. Fleece jackets that can keep you warm for a long time.
  4. Cotton can soak up sweat and keep you cool under the scorching sun as well.

The point is you need to select the apt fabric according to the temperature of the place you’re heading to.

Windproof and Waterproof

Hiking clothes (outer layer) that have the capability to prevent you from the wet weather or wind are the best ones to keep you safe and comfortable. But before you get to a point, keep in mind that jackets with water and wind resistance feature cannot block rain and wind completely, but provide with modest weather protection. Apart from the jacket, you can even go for waterproof pants to carry over the hiking pants that will help you walk easily, especially when the conditions are soggy.

Bug Protective Attire

Not every hiking journey is the same. There are a few trails that come up with unique challenges. Of course, you need to do your research well. If you want to trek through deep woods, bushy and dark forests, mosquitoes, bugs, flies, or other pests will be on the rise. Make sure you go for long pants, long sleeve shirts with bug-net clothing or built-in insect repellent.

Sun Protection

Hiking clothes that come with UPF rating (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) can help save your skin against harmful UV rays that might damage your skin. The rating range should be from 15 to 50+ that won’t let your skin expose to those rays that can lead to dangerous skin-related problems like skin cancer, premature skin ageing, or sunburn.

So, these were some of the vital features in the hiking clothes you can consider for a safe and comfortable journey. Before you head out for the hike, just remember that the right hiking clothes can create a big difference and let you enjoy the way you expected.