We all enjoy getting outside and enjoying the countryside and all it has to offer, especially when the warm weather is here. However, once you have been bitten by the outdoor bug, not literally I hope, and want to spread your walking wings so to speak it’s time to look at what’s the best outdoor clothing you will need to cover the essentials, so that whatever the elements throw at you, you can keep going to the end of the day.

If you are just starting out then you are probably best following the established layering system, as this will help you to control your body temperature so that you are comfortable throughout your walk. Each layer will have different features such as waterproofing, breathability and other specific design features that combine to give you the best protection in outdoor conditions. The layering approach is flexible in that you can add or remove layers depending on how warm you become, or how the conditions change. The standard system would consist of a base layer, a mid layer, and surprisingly enough an outer layer, although this can change dependant on the type of walking being undertaken and the prevailing weather conditions.

The base layer is your primary layer that actually touches your skin. This should trap warmth in the winter while keeping you cool in the summer. It should also be able to take moisture away from your skin so that you remain comfortable for longer, the technical word to look for is wicking, and it should also be quick drying.

The mid layer is normally an additional layer that provides warmth, in the form of a fleece or an insulated jacket. This normally has some form of wind and rain protection built into its design, as it can be used as an outer layer at certain times of the year. As a result it should fit well, but be relaxed enough so that your movement isn’t restricted.

Your main layer against the elements is your outer layer. Think of this as your line of defence, and as such you should think about having a fully waterproof garment which has taped seams. Adjustable cuffs and drawcords on the hem and hood are also advisable. The mid and outer layers can be combined so it may be worth considering what is known as a 3-in-1 jacket. 

Your other essential is a good pair of walking shoes or boots, but we will leave that for another blog entry. Your clothing essentials are enough to consider, so check out the website, taking into account the above points and with the discounts available here a t Outdoor Look you will soon have the best outdoor clothing in your wardrobe ready for your first walk.