When the summer season starts, many of you start to plan hiking trips along with your family. The chilling winter season puts a bar on the outdoor travel of kids and the moment spring arrive, kids become eager to go out and explore. Now, those of you who are planning the outdoor trip with your kids must be wondering what clothes to buy for kids that will be comfortable. In this blog, we will tell you the perfect clothing that not only your kids will love to wear but will also be an ideal gear for the hiking adventure. Here is a list of clothing gear that kids will love and should be included for making their trip more comfortable.

Trekking Pants and Sun Protection Hats

The kids love wearing shorts during the summer season. To protect their legs from bushes, plants or scratches due to accidental fall, buy zip-off pants that will give protection and also help them switch to shorts when the trail becomes safer.

The hats are an absolute necessity for kids during the trip to protect their head, face and neck from sun. Buy vibrantly coloured hats that will cover their head, neck, and also provide shade on their face. The vibrant colours will be loved by the kids and the strap on will not let the hats slip off.

Clothes for Protection from Insects and the Sun

Buy clothes that are made specifically for kids to protect them from bug bites and other pests. Applying sunscreen on the delicate skin of the kids is not the perfect solution and letting the kids wear full-sleeved shirts should be preferred for protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun. The shirts can also be drenched in water during the hike for keeping the kids cool in sunlight.

Comfortable Hiking Boots and Woolen Socks

The shoes take all the weight on them and thus need to be sturdy and comfortable for the kids so that their feet won’t hurt after walking for long distances. Buy hiking boots or shoes from brands that specialize in footwear for the kids’ hiking activities and pair these boots with lightweight woolen socks that will provide comfort and protect the kids’ feet from blisters and uncomfortable feel of wetness in cotton socks. Also, never forget to buy the shoes keeping in mind the nature of the trail you are embarking upon.

High-Quality Sandals or Water Activity Shoes

A high-quality pair of sandals or water activity shoes are an absolute necessity for kids if your hiking adventure involves walking in shallow rivers or activities near lakes etc. The feet will get wet during such activities and hiking shoes are not ideal for these activities. Look for sandals with great traction ability and that stay on feet when kids are exploring lakes and rivers. Having this additional resource will give kids the freedom of exploring more and feel connected with nature.

So that was our blog on clothing gear that your kids will love to have during their summer hiking trip. You should consider doing some research for other items as well that can add to the comfort of your kids during the trip. You can always take the liberty of adding or leaving something from the above list according to the needs of your child and the nature of the travel. Please leave your thoughts on what will be your choice on the ideal clothing gear for your kid on the summer or spring hiking trip.