Wondering whether you should spend money on buying waterproof trail running shoes? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. To be honest this is a dilemma faced by many runners, some say it’s worth spending money on them while others are against it. I guess it is whats right for you and we hope this post helps you come to a conclusion.

Top Reasons to Choose Waterproof Trail Running Shoes

#1 Waterproof trail running shoes allow you to run fast, whilst keeping your feet dry no matter the trail or weather conditions. They are exclusively designed for running so that you can sprint ahead of that shower, race across that ridge, or see how quickly you can cover that flat.

#2 Spring conditions like rain, mud or getting wet and dry on and off - reduce the lifespan of both boots and shoes. However, waterproof trail running shoes are quite affordable as compared to boots, so replacing them is less painful when their time has come.

#3 Ideal for both lengthy stretches and shorter hikes allowing you to not have to divert your route if you come across a shallow water crossing or muddy path.


When Should You Wear Waterproof Trail-Running Shoes

Cold and damp conditions: If you are running in the cold and damp conditions, you should wear waterproof trail running shoes as they will not only keep your feet warmer but also protect them from moisture.

When You Should Not Wear Waterproof Trail-Running Shoes

In really wet conditions: If you are running in the really wet conditions, it's wise choosing non-waterproof shoes over waterproof trail running shoes as they will not only drain water but also dry more quickly. As a result, water won't get trapped inside your shoes and your feet will remain dry and moisture free.


How to Buy the Right Pair of Trail Running Shoes

#1 Try Different Pairs: To find the right pair, you've to try different pairs just like you do when buying casual shoes. If you are buying online and can't try on many shoes, you should read at least 3-4 customer reviews.

#2 Pay Attention to Lug Length: Before you buy trail running shoes, you should take into account where you're planning to run. If they are covered with hard dirt and stones, a short lug would be great but if you are planning to run on a muddy surface, you should consider a longer lug pattern.

#3 Choose Lightweight Trail-Running Shoes:

When buying running shoes, you should always choose the one which is light in weight as much as possible, this will boost comfort an d will help with freedom of movement.