While on the backpacking trip, I never forget to take along with me my hunger instincts. I know how frequently and how badly I fall hungry and start to starve. Therefore, I have always managed to carry with me my baker’s kit, after having learned how to bake and cook. So, here are some useful tips that might help you down the line, when you feel like putting cookies or muffins on your plate at the campsite.

The power on the top

Baking while backpacking can be a little edgy and a little tough. But certain things, if followed correctly and in a proper manner, can help you in getting the right amount of heat needed to cook or to bake. Using a stove and setting it to low or to medium would be the most appropriate advice I would give you, since there are chances that the stove might fall down or stumble while you happen to be baking. The baking pan is to be kept on the top and lit only after you place a wind screen around the stove to avoid any mishaps.

Lights in

After having placed the stove on top, you need to be aware as to how to build a small fire, which won't lead to any serious repercussions. Lighting small twigs and small sticks can be the one trick that can help. Because they would not catch fire so fast, keep them fed gently. This is considered to be the fastest way methods of lighting fire and cooking. Although the resultant flame is going to flicker around, it shouldn't go out, but you can give the fuel bottle a pump once or twice if you are unsure.

Baking with steam

Baking with steam is useful and popular for those who are used to carrying around just one pot or those stoves that cannot be depressurized. I used foil baking cups myself and divided the dough in those. Then after that, filling the pot with a little water I added the batter filled baking cups. You can use a foil of aluminium to make sure that the water isn’t coming down while cooking; keep checking and making sure that there is some water down at the bottom and you might even add some more if there is the need for such a thing.

Keep the fire on

Do not forget to have the pot in which you are cooking or baking rotated every five minutes. It will ensure that the cooking is being done evenly. Like little children, do not check under the lid again and again, otherwise it will make it hard for the fire to keep on going and going. Remember that the size of the lid limits the size of the fire too. I made sure, at every point while I was baking at the camp, that nothing dangerous happened with fire. I handled the fire very carefully keeping in mind the area where I was camping at. Therefore you too should make sure that fire is permitted and is safe.

When is it done?

Things like cakes and muffins are completely done with only after they spring back. So, carefully check if the pine needle comes out clean. Make sure that you have not overfilled the pan. If the food touches the lid it will be destroyed. After 20 minutes of waiting, you are sure to get the baked product ready. This depends entirely on the recipe which you tried.