We have decided to embrace Christmas this year with both arms! Each week we will be posting an ‘Advent Challenge’ to test even the most knowledgeable – we’ll post the questions on a Monday and the answers the following Friday - keep us updated with your scores!


Here come Advent Challenge’s week 1 questions…!


1. First invented in 1876 by a Welshman and originally called the Euklisia Rug


2. Was this item of footwear named after an occupant of No1 London?


3. Would Webb-Ellis have worn this playing football?


4. Was this item invented by the US Navy, the Royal Navy, or the French Army, no one knows but when Clark Gable didn’t wear one sales plummeted?


5. Was this “minty” item of sporting attire invented in India by the British at the end of the 19th century or by a French tennis star of the 1930s, either way it’s sweet?