Deal Town F.C in Kent could be forced to replace all their team kit after it was discovered that their distinctive crest was issued to the Borough of Deal which no longer exists.

The arms, featuring a Roman Centurion and a Royal Marine, were assigned to the Borough of Deal in 1968 by Letters Patent, and Deal Borough Council disbanded in 1974, so the football club are unlawfully using the emblem.

The College of Arms said nothing could be done because the edict was part of the Local Government Act of 1972. The issue only came to light after a member of the public issued a challenge about them using the crest.

However, the club have now been told that they can continue to use the current shirts but cannot have anything new made with the crest on, so at least this gives them some breathing space, and a chance to design a new club crest.

They are not on their own the crest is also used by the Deal Town Council and they could be forced to change numerous signs which could cost over£10,000.

 We wouldn’t be in a position to help them replace the signage but the football team could be looking at something from our teamwear section and a quick chat with our support staff could help them when they have a new emblem to be embroidered.