Maintaining outdoor gear always seems to be one hell of a task, you may think a simple alternative would be to replace worn out items. However, is buying a new item each time something wears out really a good solution?  It may be more cost effective to instead learn how to maintain the gear properly.

How to Increase the Life of Your Outdoor Items?

Washing seems to be an important remedy regarding the maintenance certain items. This is the most pocket-friendly suggestion that doesn’t strain your budget.

A Few things must be kept in mind when washing your items:

  • Wash all the materials individually
  • Go through the instructions on the product tag to know how to wash them at home
  • Check out your washing machine of any excess detergent because it can be harmful for some of the individual items
  • When it comes to drying, check the instructions individually of each item
  • Remove all the possible residue before you wash them

Why Is It Important to Make Your Gear Last Longer?

Taking proper care of your gear will lighten the financial burden of having to replace items after only a short while.  Every small wear-and-tear does not demand the whole set of equipment to be replaced. It means you can spend more time and money on planning your next adventure!

Buy a Repair Kit

A repair kit can solve small problems related to camping and hiking. You can easily fix your tent or a shoe lace which happens to be broken. Some of the essentials which your repair kit must contain are as follows:

  • Knife
  • Scissors
  • Sewing kit
  • Duct tape
  • Paracord


Take Care of your Tent and Sleeping Bag

Storing your items once a trip is done is really important in the upkeep of your tents or sleeping bags. Keep your tent in a dry location so that moisture does not come inside, its best to hang it up for proper ventilation. Alternatively, you can fold your tent nicely and clean it off any kind of debris.  Keep everything in a cool and dry area.

Contact a Professional

If any kind of damage has occurred which cannot be taken care by yourself, then there should be no shame in contacting a professional repair. There are many professionals who will be willing to help. The charges will depend on the type of damage that has occurred.

It is a true fact that nowadays, nobody cares as much for repairing items themselves, but a little TLC will save you thousands in the long run.