Sundays are mostly meant to spend time with family and friends, cosying up to the couch and enjoying your favourite series, or spending time in your hobbies. But have you ever thought of getting up early and going for that special Sunday morning run even though it is raining outside?  Doesn’t sound like an ideal Sunday plan, does it? Running in the rain and on a Sunday, morning might not be the ideal thing to do, but it is of course the right thing to do.

Contrary to popular belief that running in the rain can make you sick, the reality is not quite just that. Running in adverse situations like braving the rain is actually quite rewarding, and people who have done it will say that it is rejuvenating as well. Now, let’s get to know the benefits before you miss out on running next time it is raining.

Improved Performance

When body temperature is just a few degrees warmer, your performance largely suffers and this happens when you are running on a hot summer day when you need greater time to cool down. However, it is just the opposite when you are running in rain which acts as a natural conditioner and keeps your body temperature low so that your performance does not suffer and you get the most out of your practice and run.

Deal With Adversity Better

Running on a bright sunny day is the usual and safe thing to do. However, if you are game and want to push your limits, challenge yourself by running in the rain. Rain is a condition which you cannot control and by going out in such a condition will help you face adversity better for the rest of your life. You will see results in successfully completing workouts within the timeframe and reach the goals easily in races. Daily life is hardly perfect and running in the rain helps in building a strong will to face adversity and come out successful.

Good Way To Relieve Stress

The sound of rain is relaxing and water is cleansing so, running outside in rain helps you relieve stress better as long as you are safe and the downpour is not near freezing. You will come back home in a more mindful state than you have started and continuing with this will help you stay more relaxed and calm in life helping you to deal with situations better. Consider running in the rain, as your personal way of detoxifying yourself from negative thoughts and getting back the control of life.

Boosts Confidence

Rain is a wonderful thing and instead of folding away from this weather, it is always good to get yourself out and run the solo mile and see yourself change for the better. It will increase your confidence and instantly make you feel gritty while you are splashing your way through the splitter splatter. You will also burn more fat while running in the rain. As the temperature cools outside so does your body temperature, so your body has to work more to keep it warm burning more fat in the process. Moreover, after a certain period of adaptation, your metabolic rate will increase and you will be able to burn more fat while exercising.

Do Not Forget Clothing

No athleisure is yet designed that will keep you dry from all the downpours so expect to get wet. You can still opt for waterproof jackets and of course, a baseball cap or running hat that will keep your ears dry and face away from the rain and wet, blocking out the cold wind and maintaining the body temperature.