New York City Marathon organizers expect superstorm Sandy to have little effect on Sunday's race… A great relief to all those running! An estimated 40,000 runners are expected to turn up, a massive growth from the 127 participants over 40 years ago at NYC’s first ever marathon.

"We're extraordinarily lucky the marathon is not today," New York Road Runners President Mary Wittenberg said on Monday as the superstorm began to batter the city.

The potential for the storm to knock down trees and branches in Central Park is of course there, where the 26.2-mile race finishes. But just remember how the city was able to clear the park in time for last year's race just a week after a freak snowstorm caused extensive damage, and our faith that all will be well in time for Sunday is reinforced!

With all the flight cancellations recently, we know it will be a challenging start for our British friends and family runners this year, so let’s get behind them and support their efforts from here at home! Why not complete your own run on Sunday in support of the NYC marathon runners who’ve worked so hard to get there? Or why not make their story your motivation this Sunday to be the first day of training for your own marathon?

Start as you mean to go on this winter, and make it easier on yourself by having the best gear to do it in. Have a look through our extensive range of men’s and women’s running jackets that will be sure keep you warm and looking good this Autumn/Winter.

We know you’ll want to just keep on running once you get started! So don’t let the cold winter nights catch you out the further we get into winter… layer up with winter defying men’s and women’s base layers and stay safe by keeping visible as the nights draw in.

Most people know the benefits that come along with running; fitness, weight loss, reducing the risk of heart damage and stroke, and improving your sleep pattern are just a few. Running can become a great part of your lifestyle if you let it - clear your head after a hard day’s work and meet new people -  and let’s face it, if you’re going to meet a new circle of friends, athletic marathon runners aren’t a bad place to start…. Now where are my running shoes?

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