Well it looks like summer is on its way back, fingers crossed, so what better time to look at womens outdoor clothing and in particular walking shorts. The widespread availability of clothing specifically designed for women in this area has increased somewhat in the last ten years. In the past it was almost unheard of to find outdoor clothing that fitted properly and the majority of companies took the short cut of making a man’s design smaller and producing it in pink, and abracadabra it was designed for women. Now times are definitely a changing as someone once said.

With ladies being just active as men and a more enlightened attitude being taken by manufacturers who now see the economic potential of properly designed clothing the choice of shorts is simply amazing. Here are a couple of examples from the website at the moment:

The Helly Hansen Ladies Halifax Knee Length Shorts are practical, lightweight and made of stretch cotton to keep you cool and comfortable all day long. Designed as being suitable for use as leisure shorts onboard ship, the knee length makes them ideal for evenings ashore as well. The Craghoppers Ladies NosiLife Lightweight Shorts are technology packed lightweight travel shorts. With permanent protection against the sun’s rays and insect bites, as well as enough storage space in the six pockets for anyone’s requirements, including a waterproof drybag for all your valuables. These shorts are easy to wear and quick drying too.

If you are thinking of more than just a pair of shorts here’s a couple of general points for you to think about when considering what to buy:

Breathable materials and stretch fabrics, so you get the benefit of increased ease of movement and you can stay comfortable for longer with the wicking ability of modern materials.

UV protection that is built into fabrics, with varying degrees of UVF protection

Versatility is an important factor, especially when considering the British weather so consider zip off trousers or a fleece or bodywarmer for days when the weather can’t decide if it’s warm or windy.

In general womens outdoor clothing has come a long way and it is equal to anything available for the men, with female versions of everything from boots to bags, no more ‘shrink and pink’, so get outside and enjoy the outdoors and look good at the same time