“Back in the day” now that's a phrase you didn’t expect from a blog about  Workwear.

 “Back in the day” safety boots and work boots consisted of the most basic of utilitarian products. There was no variety, no colour and certainly no style. You could have your boots in Black and they’d look like your fathers, or possibly you could have a working clog. The clog, now that’s a product due a re-introduction by a manufacturer.

 Suffice to say times have changed and there is now a vast range and selection to choose from. So here is our brief guide to some of the types of safety boot available now and how you go about selecting the perfect  boot for you or your staff.


 Here’s our 3 point guide.

1/ Safety – This is the most crucial part of your selection criteria. What are the boots being used for? Who is going to use them? In what environment?

However and wherever the boots are being used safety must come first.  It is essential that you choose safety boots which are up to the latest European Safety Standards. No compromise is, or should ever be, possible on the safety of you and your staff. There’s is a lot of additional safety information on our main website. Safety-boots by Brookes


2/  Price - We all wish it wasn’t the case but the fact remains that price, especially when equipping a workforce remains the major deciding factor in the choice of safety boot. There is a vast range of safety boots and with the proviso that they meet essential safety standards it becomes a matter of quality versus price. Here at Brookes we cover the whole range of boots from budget through to top of the range. Personally I’m a great fan of the good quality mid-range boot.  Our best seller this winter has been the  Dickies Fury Safety Hiker



3/  Style – Now you can get creative. If you’ve covered off the essential aspects of price and safety we can now move on to the type and style of the safety boot. There are basically 4 types of safety boot.


a/ Trainer Boots: Essentially these boots look like tough, durable trainers.

Trainer Boot



b/ Rigger Boots: Pull on safety boots. So called because they were originally used by workers on oil rigs in the North Sea.


Rigger Boot



c/ Dealer Boots: Tight fitting, elasticated slip on boots that were originally used for working with horses.

Dealer Boot





d/ Ankle Boots: Basically “what it says on the tin” a boot that covers and protects your ankle.

Ankle Boot

These days there is a whole range of colours, types and style of safety boots. So long as your boots meet safety and budget criteria the style and choice depends on fine tuning your requirements and in many cases becomes a matter of  debate. Here’s our range of safety boots to fit all budgets and hopefully providing a range of options to satisfy the most demanding of safety “fashionista.”


If you would like more information try our main website’s safety boots section