As we all know, the advent of winter brings about a lot of change in the weather. The mercury drops, the days get shorter and of course, the occasional rain and strong wind add to the conundrum that is winter. However, it is not only the climatic change that affects us, we also go through a lot of physical and mental change. Shorter periods of sunlight, the minimal temperature brings in a feel of sluggishness leading to depression.

The onset of Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD can be quite common and it happens to affect your feelings, thoughts, and emotions more than you think. Unlike, clinical depression, SAD is all about the pattern and it emerges at the starting of fall and lasts till winter. The feeling of sadness and fatigue lingers on leading to more tiredness than it already is.

Following are some quick and effective ways to keep out the symptoms of SAD and stay lively no matter the season.

Tips to Manage SAD

Taking the help of a professional always helps if you are experiencing SAD. However, try out these simple steps, in the meantime to cope with SAD symptoms at home.

    • Managing Stress Levels

    Practicing relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation help a lot in managing your stress hormones and keep you happy and active. Other than yoga, you can also try spending time with your hobby or listening to music. Try deep breathing techniques or aromatherapy to keep yourself calm.

      • Socialize More

      You might not feel like doing it, but socializing more helps you get over the sluggish feeling. So meet up with friends, exercise with a partner or you can also sign up for community activities that will get you going. Being outdoors and meeting people will ensure that you are do not stay alone.

      • Travel More

      If you are missing the sun and the light, plan to visit somewhere that is sunny. Plan a vacation, even for a weekend can help you lift your mood significantly. Even if you start to plan your vacation, it can bring about a lot of distraction from your current situation.

      • Getting Regular Exercise

      Exercise has a lot of physical and mental benefits. When you exercise, the body releases a hormone named endorphins that make you feel more positive and energetic. Exercises are innately known to relieve anxiety, stress which will lessen the symptoms of SAD all the while.

      • Light Therapy Helps

      One of the most common causes of SAD is shorter days, which means more dark hours. Try sitting in front of a lightbox when natural light is low. Pick the lightbox that filters out ultraviolet rays. It will help to slow down the production of melatonin and raise the level of serotonin which has effects on improving the mood. You can call your doctor to learn more about it.

      • Get Restful Sleep

      Ensure that your body is getting the required sleep to feel energetic and happy. Sleep is important in rejuvenating the body and keeping you fresh in the morning.

      • Including A Balanced Diet

      Diet plays an important role in balancing your hormones which in turn will affect your overall mood. A nutrition-rich diet, filled with complex carbohydrates, fibre, and healthy fats will provide the body with the necessary fuel and warmth to stay active and lift the mood as well. Also, avoid alcohol and drugs at all costs.

        Professional Help Is Important

        If these home remedies do not work in your favour and you continue to feel down, do not hesitate to speak with your doctor and get the required help. Doctors and professionals are experts in treating such situations and will be able to guide you better for effective results.