Cold weather comes with winter camping and there is no way escaping it. However, when you have made up your mind to go winter camping, do not let the frigid thoughts get you sidetracked in pursuing your snow adventure. There are some of the most simple survival strategies that help you camp in the winter while you sleep comfortably and stay warm in the tent.

Dressing in Layers Is Important

Keep the cold winds out and warmth in with the tricks of layering up. The multiple layers system, that is, the base layer, middle layer, and outer layer gives you all the control in regulating your body heat. You must not allow yourself to sweat because as the sweat dries off, it makes you cool from inside, wrapping you up in a cold envelope. Managing your body heat is all about adding and subtracting layers and it is only possible when you are properly layered up.

Stay Out of Sweaty Clothes

Once you have settled into the camp and feeling comfortable, make sure you take off the sweaty base layers. If you think that it is insane to take off clothes in sub-zero temperatures, then, you will later be thankful that you did so. Wearing dry fresh base layers before hitting bed will revive the warmth of your body and you will be able to sleep properly.

Rely on Double Sleeping Pads

Using two sleeping pads instead of one creates a better protective barrier from the cold ground. The warmth of the pad is measured by the value of R-Value and the combined R-Value of the two pads will give you enough insulation for a warm good night’s sleep in your tent.

Light Weight Quilt Can Do Magic

A lightweight winter gear that fits in your overnight backpack is hard to find. This is where the magic of layering your sleeping bag with a light quilt comes to play. Advanced and synthetic materials are now available that make quilt lighter enough to carry in your backpack and you will not even feel it. So, get your insurance against the coldest nights with a feather-light quilt in your sleeping bag and feel the difference.

Use A Hot Water Bottle for The Core

Instead of placing a hot water bottle on your toes, place it between your legs and you will notice your body getting warm much faster. The blood tends to heat much faster, warming the extremities of the body keeping you comfortable irrespective of the weather outside.

Vent the Tent

While venting the tent might seem counter-intuitive, but proper ventilation in your tent is important. When you breathe inside the tent, the hot vapor reaching the cold insides of the tent gets collected as condensation, which in turn freezes. Opening the vent will allow airflow saving you from the entombed icebox which would have melted and made you miserable.

Last but Not the Least

Sleeping peacefully in the cold weather when you are camping can be a real challenge. However, keeping your core warm and making the most of your surroundings, and using your winter gear wisely can help you overcome any hurdle nature throws at you. Also, do not forget to eat calorie-rich and healthy food that will give your body enough warmth to survive the cold winter camping in peace.