Okay, so you might imagine that being warm and dry – especially in the current snowy conditions – can’t possibly add up to a good “look”! How on earth, you think to yourself, can warm weather clothing, including socks, trousers, jackets, gloves, hats and boots, possibly go hand-in-hand with fashion? Well, we beg to differ. Modern outdoor clothing can look stylish and keep you warm in the wind, snow and rain. You just need to be guided in the right direction.

Look good and stay warm in outdoor clothing

Let’s start with outdoor boots. Winter boots can score high in the fashion stakes and also keep your feet toasty and dry. Teva have a great range of winter boots for men and women that look smart enough to cut it at work, walking your kids to school and on a dog walk in the park.

We’re also giving a big fashionista thumbs up to Animal boots and Helly Hansen winter boots.

Jackets can look snazzy and offer practical features, such as wind and waterproofing. For snowy conditions choose ski-style jackets in a range of fantastic designs and colours. If the jacket needs to double up for leisure and work then go for black. You can’t go wrong with a warm and smart-looking black jacket.

For days when it’s so cold that you really don’t want to leave the house, but you need to get to work, pop a pair of ski trousers over the top of your office trousers. Alternatively keep the work trousers for changing into at the office and enjoy the comfort and joy of warm legs on your way to work in well-fitting and fashionable ski trousers. These days, ski clothing isn’t baggy and shapeless, it fits in all the right places and is actually pretty flattering. In other countries, it’s standard to wear ski trousers all winter long, so when conditions in the UK demand, dress like a smart European!

Helly Hansen are also aware of the need for warmth and great looks. Their range of men’s sweaters and tops is a good example of handsome designs coupled with practical commonsense.

Ooh, and if you thought that gloves had to be dull and boring, they simply do not! Men, women and kids can keep their hands warm and dry and also looking glove gorgeous. See here for women's gloves. And gloves for men.

Now you never need to be afraid of going outdoors in winter and not looking your stylish best!