This outdoor clothing store supplies all your needs for getting you on the path to becoming more active. With the weather featuring sunshine for once, now is the time to get outside, and you won’t need much equipment to begin with, so the cost of stepping out for the first time is kept to a minimum.

Most of the basic kit, you will be surprised to know you already own in one form or another, especially if you are beginning walking in the summer. The most important piece of kit is footwear so it’s best to consider all the options. Here you will need to think about the type of walking you are going to start with, whether a boot or shoe will be better suited for you, and of course the cost. At this time of year normal summer clothing would be enough, if you are looking to get going, a t-shirt or polo shirt, pair of shorts and a rain jacket (just in case) and away you go. Remember to allow for drinks and snacks, but when you are starting out if you are only going to walk for half an hour or less than it would be enough to carry a small bottle of water with you. As your walks get longer and your walks are measured in miles, then it would be worth looking at buying a rucksack or a backpack.

At this point you will find other items being added to your list when going out, but spread the cost by getting one or two items each month, and you will soon build up a complete walking wardrobe which will see through the summer and beyond.

So have a look at our website and see what we can offer as an outdoor clothing store to see you take your first steps to becoming more active.