The advent of a new season changes our moods and habits as well. As autumn and winters seasons come through, we tend to move away from cosy nights and Netflix binge-watching and switch to outdoor adventures. Here are some amazing tips and motivations that will help you stay active this season.


Make the weekends count

If weekdays are too hectic for you, then make your weekends count. Jot down all the things and activities you want to do and places you wish to visit. Always have a plan B so that bad weather does not stop you from fulfilling your wishes.

Be your light of the night

Get yourself one of those bike lights that are pocket-friendly and head out for a night hike. Encounter the beautiful sunrise from a summit and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. You can moreover develop some new interests like astrophotography and go out at night to capture the beautiful night sky.

Leave behind the mundane lunch break

Grab every opportunity you have to experience the beauty of these seasons. One of the ways to do so is utilising small chunks of time that you get for yourself throughout the day. One of these times is the lunch break that you take in-between work, school, etc.  No matter how long or short your break is- 20 mins, half an hour, or more than that, just grab your lunch and rush to the nearest park. Having your lunch outdoors has its aura and once you experience it, you will fall in love with it. Plus, it helps fight off lethargy!


Waking up early

Spring and Summer implies that it gets lighter earlier in the mornings than usual. And since it's early mornings, you can’t expect a huge crowd or busy streets. This makes it the perfect time for a peaceful walk or a bike ride. Not only will it energize you before your daily work, but it will also help you in staying in high spirits throughout the day. It may seem difficult to leave your cosy blankets and be up early, but a little effort to get out of bed can promise you a whole lot of good experiences ahead.

Take some time off

The best way to blend yourself with the season change is to take some time off from your schedule and go on a trip. This will help you slow down your otherwise fast-paced life and let you breathe a little and sync with the natural happenings around you. This time off can be utilised by doing a lot of fun-filled activities, adventures, and tons of exploring.