Yes the weekend is here again, and I have once again found a variety of walks and events to get you and the family out the house this weekend, so why not make the most of the remaining good weather or even give those Regatta shorts an airing. Check out this weekend’s offerings below.

If you are up in Scotland this weekend, why not drop in on ‘Hawick’s Walking Festival Weekend’. Take the chance to experience the beauty of Teviotdale as over three days you can explore a selection of walks that will show the history and folklore of the surrounding area. There will even be a Ceilidh and Concert on the Saturday evening in the Walk Centre, if you have any energy left, although a couple of glasses of the ‘water of life’ and you will be fine.

Down in Southampton a ‘Walk for Survival’ is being undertaken at Palmerston Park on Saturday. On this you will walk two miles, collect a gallon of water, walk back two miles and then use this water in one day. How would you use yours? The average distance a person in an area of the world that has poor sanitation walks is 3.72 miles to fetch water for one day. The walk signifies the walk that people have to complete each and every day in order to survive, whatever their situation, so pop down and get involved. Throughout the day there will be local bands performing, and other family activities as well as a market place for local businesses.

Back up in the Lakes and it’s time again for the Annual Patterdale Parish Boundary Walk. There are three walks of varying distances available so all abilities can have a go, with the top end being a 30 mile challenge which involvs10,000 feet of ascent, not one for the faint hearted. However, a more leisurely 7 mile walk down hill from Kirkstone to Patterdale is also available. The walk is open to everyone and is a great way of enjoying the views around Ullswater.

One for everyone, apart from the shy amongst us, is that Sunday 6th July is ‘International Kissing Day’ where competitions are held across the world to beat various world records, including the longest kiss. This is currently held by a Japanese married couple who regained the record last year with a kiss lasting 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds. Now that’s a kiss and a half. Or maybe you can mark the day by simply appreciating what a kiss can make to someone.

However you spend the weekend, why not drop us a line, or if you have an event coming up you want mentioning that can be arranged too.