There is no shortage of breathtaking sceneries, historical landmarks, as well as diverse cultures from all around the world to explore during the winter months. Europe has plenty of opportunities when it comes to exploring new places, and cultures, as well as newer regions that can offer breathtaking scenery throughout your journey.

Here are some of the places across Europe, which can be explored during the winter:


  • Canary Islands

It is possible to trek alongside the islands that include La Palma, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, El Hierro, etc. which explore beautiful green valleys as well as spectacular sea cliffs.

Tenerife in the Canary Islands offers everything from short walks to long walks and easy climbing up to Spain’s highest peak, El Teide.

There are smaller islands such as the La Gomea, which is a remote destination for hikers, offering pathways which take you along the forest trails and old donkey trails at the Garajonay National Park.


  • Corfu, Greece

Home to a vast trail system that runs along the coast, Corfu Greece has a great winter time. It offers everything from short and easy walks to strenuous walks. Pack your boots and enjoy the scenery alongside scenic routes. There are hotels in the middle, alongside ancient footpaths. Amongst olive groves, cypress-maritime pine, and holm oak trees, you can enjoy the place with beautiful trees and trail roads which are perfect for exploration.


  • Bregenzerwald, Austria

A perfect location to stay during the winter walking tour, the Bregenzerwald district offers a massive network of trails alongside Hittisau, perfect for walking.

There are stunning treks which not only provide a space for relaxing but also offer a place through the valley and challenging mountains that let you discover more about the people who live there and their way of living. There are also wooden farmhouses which are next to modern buildings. A substantial amount of cheese shops are a great way to fuel your adventure and stimulate your taste buds.

  • Stockholm, Sweden

With the frozen waterways and parks of Stockholm, winter strolls are the best when covered with snow. The hiking trails are accompanied by an eatery shop and a perfect place for a pit stop. If you are in Stockholm, you can go on a boat trip in the Stockholm archipelago, a cluster of 30,000 small islands. Each of these islands has its own unique character.


  • Costa Blanca, Spain

With endless winter sunshine and the ruins of castles, rocky gorges, etc. the Valencian peninsula is blessed with the driest and sunniest weather in the Western Europe area. Sunshine here cannot be guaranteed throughout the day.

There is an average of six hours of sun each day, including January and December.

This region is renowned for its sand beaches, challenging trails as well as rugged terrains, which are perfect for strolling around the Serrella Castle route. It is an adventurous hike, where you will be able to locate your way up to some of the tracks which have now receded or have overgrown.

A few of the climbs can also be explored alongside the path that has some running water that flows across the path. The higher you are able to climb; the more views would get more stunning. You would also be able to see a 360-degree view of the castle’s ruins.

  • Madeira, Portugal

Renowned for its wine culture, the indigenous flora and fauna are a part of the UNESCO subtropical Laurel Forest. This area also has a Gulf Stream and boasts an all-year-round mild climate which is known to be perfect for walking.


Visit the aforementioned places to enjoy their breathtaking view while you explore the whole of Europe.