Just how old is the humble sock? A random thought which passed threw my mind and here’s some interesting facts I found as a result – Amaze your friends!!


  • Most experts believe that the first Stone Age sock was simply pieces of animal skins which our ancestors tied around their legs


  • In the 8th Century B.C., The Greek poet Hesiod wrote of “piloi”, which were socks made from matted animal hairs.


  • By the 2nd Century A.D., the Romans were wearing “udones”, which were pieces of fabric sewn together and pulled over the foot.


  • The first real knitted socks were found in Egyptian tombs of the 3rd-6th centuries A.D.


  • In the 16th Century fashion was influenced by Spain and the wealth of the New World; men’s socks were typically made from knitted silk and heavily embroidered.


  • Cotton came into use in the late 17th Century


  • In Japan's Shinto religion, priests wear special footwear called “tabi”, which are stiff white socks with a divided toe. These socks are worn during all sacred ceremonies, accompanied by “asagutsu”, which are special black lacquered clogs.


  • And we all know that bishops of the Catholic Church wear purple socks and the Pope white.


  • But did you know that the American Army once had a “Bureau for Missing Socks” – it was set up in 1861. (And not on the 1st April as you might be thinking).


So are your mens walking socks ready for the upcoming cold snap he weathermen have predicted, or are you just looking to replace last season’s well worn pairs.