Well it appears that winter hasn’t quite finished with us yet and because it hasn’t there’s still time to hear one of the most exciting phrases that any child, or even an adult for that matter, can ever hear. It’s a snow day! Yes we know the problems that this can cause but just for a couple of moments  let’s savour those two words. Snow day, for children it means that there is a reason to get excited about snow. Of course very few children consider  one of the most  amazing facts about snow, well an amazing fact about snow  flakes anyway. Apparently no two snow flakes are ever identical.

What not ever? Not in all the snow that’s fallen ever or indeed all the snow that’s fallen since last week? No not ever and here’s the reason why.

The number of possible ways of making a snowflake is huge. I mean not just huge but astronomically huge! Each snowflake can have well over 100 different features; any of which can and do grow in completely different ways.  Since all those features could have grown differently, or ended up in slightly different places, the number of ways to make a complex snow crystal is absolutely huge. In fact last calculations suggest there are over  1070    different ways of arranging a snow flake. It's unlikely that any two complex snow crystals, out of all those made over the entire history of the planet, have ever looked completely alike. So assuming the kids have got a snow day and some of the 1070   snowflakes are landing on your head how do you keep yourself warm and waterproof? Well can I recommend the following Trespass waterproof jacket. It’s one of our most popular jackets and will help you to stay totally dry despite the best efforts of all 1070  snowflakes.