As the cold temperatures are set to stay here are some more pieces of advice for you so you can stay safe. Remember that the most important piece of information is ‘preparation before you step outside’ so read the following, it will help you

Icy pavements and footpaths are always something to be aware of, as nothing likes to fall on their well ‘derriere’, especially when other can see you. The embarrassment factor can often be more painful than the actual fall, which can still be painful. Howevr here is one way to reduce your chance of falling over – walk like a penguin! No seriously this does walk. When you are crossing icy ground, bend your knees slightly and walk with flat feet pointed outwards. This will naturally improve your balance, and this can be further improved by extending your arms and flexing your wrists.  

We have all seen the news with cars being abandoned. I just hope that the drivers all had an emergency kit available, and if you don’t then make sure you put one together, it’s not too late. The kit should have the following items in it: Snow shovel, Jump leads, Ice scraper, Spare warm clothes, Torch. Cat litter, grit or sand, Food and water, First aid kit, Mobile phone (charged), Sturdy boots

We all know that layering is the secret to keeping warm in the winter months. This is because the layers help provide thermal insulation, by trapping warm air close to your body. Did you know that in Germany, where temperatures can commonly drop to as low as -10°C, they call this der Zwiebellook: the onion look. So why not check out the latest baselayers available in the shop and on the website to make sure you stay as watm as an onion.